Sunday, January 22, 2012

Honestly, I just Don't Get It!

If you're reading this and wondering what the "It" is.. just keep reading 

In all seriousness though, I'm supposed to be writing up my presentation for a seminar I have tomorrow.. but it's no use! I'm stumped and frustrated. Thankfully it's only worth 20% of my final grade in the course but it's giving me more stress than necessary.

I'm supposed to be presenting on an article written by a number of smart people for 8-10 minutes without giving any kind of summary but simply looking at a few sections of it and commenting on it in relation to the major themes of the course... easier said than done.  The course is entitled "The History of Cultural Studies" not likely an easy topic.  And to be quite frank, I'm more a fiction, not a theory buff.. which means I'm going to get hammered tomorrow.  My only saving grace is that the guy who went last week managed to survive merely talking for a few minutes and asking 2 overly stuffed, incomprehensible questions to a dumb founded group of 20 supposedly intelligent upper year English majors and standing in silence for a good 5 minutes waiting for the professor to intercede and break the humiliating silence. 

Talk about stress.  I'm following that guy and probably to the grave.. 

I also have no drive, since this weekend I made a terrible mistake in judgement and stayed up late Friday night watching the newer Phantom of the Opera movie with Gerard Butler ( you know you love him!) until 3 am and then sleeping 2 hours to wake up and turn off my insanely set alarm clocks to then turn them off and roll around half an hour before catching another 3 hours of useless sleep.  By the end of last night (sat) I felt terribly light headed and nearly passed out twice.  Furthermore, the 9 hours I received last night didn't help and I woke up groggier and a terrible boomerang headache.  My eye balls have been burning since..

Well here I go plunging into an article that I am certain will have me constantly referring to my Oxford E.D a couple thousand times throughout it's 15 pages..

Wish me luck.  Gah! *sighs loudly and endures knowing glance from sister next to me while the little person in my head begins running around with arms flailing and a head in flames*

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Anonymous said...

Hope you did well on your presentation...I know you did fine. You work hard and you'll get the mark you deserve.