Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's a Weird Day for January..

There is nothing like having high winds and rain in the middle of January... honestly I'm beginning to think we'll have snow in July- not that a cool summer is a bad thing (hehe) but then I'll have to make my sister a cape to go with her wedding dress.  which would just be a shame.

So what am I up to tonight?  Well instead of reading or working on some necessary stuff for any of my 6 courses I've decided to take some time to myself while being constructive.  I'm currently watching a very entertaining movie, one that allows laughter and smiles along with critical thinking and cinematic observation to be had.  I speak of no other than Mel Brooks' "Robin Hood Men in Tights".  IF you don't believe me watch it for yourself.

Did you know that Mel Brooks is one of few movie making giants who aims to keep the audience in check with reality and the falsities of the cinematic experience?  Certain objects, moments, incidents and acting motives are  strategically implemented to keep the viewer interested, entertained and in touch with the fact that they are watching a movie which is simply a portrayal of real instances, objects, incidents etc.  One might consider the work of Plato and the concept of mimesis to explain the purpose of movies such as the ones Mel Brooks creates.

Well that's all for now.. the movie doth await me.

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