Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And It begins...

I've been struggling all week to get work done on the first seminar presentation for one of my new seminars and   I am finding the hardest challenges I have ever had to face.

The presentation for seminar is the shortest one's I will ever have this year- my final year.  The professor- whom I am absolutely stoked to work alongside of- made the seminar presentations in the format of 500 word responses which is slightly out of step with the usual 8-15 minute presentation requirements of other seminars I have encountered and am currently enrolled in.

Now you might be saying to yourself... "500 words is nothing!" and in comparison to the 2500 words that was the average for seminar presentations as of last semester, you would be correct.  But do not let such an "easy" word count fool you.  It is definitely proven- in the case that I've done it before- that writing anything in 500 words, getting all our your points across and having to do it as succinctly as possible is no easy feat.  In fact it requires a lot of work, stress, concentration, screaming, yelling, pain and overall discomfort.

Luckily i decided to present my first of two seminars the first week (ie tomorrow) and I say "luckily" because the readings for this week are simply poetry selections and not an entire novel.  But considering I was not really given much instruction and when asking for some guidance was not provided with much help from my fantastic professor, I am facing a great issue... the question that has been my brick wall the past 36 hours has been thus: "do I respond to simply one text of poetry? Or do I choose two and respond to them simultaneously?"  *sigh* the answer to which I am still unsure.  And yes, I present in approximately 10 hours.

Anywho, I just hope I can survive the next couple of hours and get myself in bed in time to catch atleast 6 hours of sleep.

Sherman Alexie why do you conflict me so??? *sigh*


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