Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 months and counting!!

So the end of February doth approach and I am feeling nervous, excited, concerned, stressed, relieved, terrified, thrilled and nauseated all at the same time!  It's a very complicated range of emotions but considering I'll be finished my undergraduate academic career in just over 2 months I suppose it's only normal- or so the voices in my head tell me (hehe).

I just booked an appointment with an academic advisor for this upcoming Tuesday because my "unofficial" degree audit tells me that two of the classes in which I am currently enrolled have been assigned to the "unassigned" courses area.  Which, I though I needed them to graduate... if I don't than I would love to drop them now before any further harm is done to my grade point average.  Although I'd also like to see them through to the end so if I have to stay in them than that will be alright as well.

I can't believe how much I've neglected posting but I've decided not to apologize but rather to move forward and bring it up to date with the events of my life since 2012 started.

I went to the orthodontist and got the biggest shock of my life! My treatment is coming along nicely but apparently my my orthodontist thought we were going to be surgically expanding my lower jaw to fix my under bite- apparently within her own mind considering that It was not mentioned once to me though allegedly we had "talked" about it.  Well, I am definitely NOT going through that again! As a result I get to wear these elastics which constrict my jaw throughout the day and night and give me headaches and nightmares but hey! It certainly beats going through another grueling surgery and recovery session so I'm going to be a good little metal mouth and wear my elastics diligently- I have them on right now in fact!  *High Five for me!*

This week of the month is what the university's call "reading week" and as the fantastic student that I am, I have actually been reading! I know! I can't believe it either! Although certain familial distractions have prevented me from achieving my goal amount of reading, I have decided not to waste the next 36 hours and get as much done as physically possible.

What Familial distractions you might ask? well, besides my grandmother having her hip replaced and coming home tomorrow from a month long stay in hospital, we ( my sisters and I) have made it our goal to create and complete the 100 guest invitations for one of my sisters wedding that will be held in July- we have to have them done now so they can be send out post-haste by April.  Why do them so early you ask? well, my oldest sister and my only niece (i.e Mrs. Dr Smarty-pants and the Fifster) are coming for a 3 week visit which will take place this March and in which there will be little to no time to sit around fussing over purple bows and hot gluing rhinestones.

 So with visits to grandma increasing soon plus the added distracting fun of out of town family I've got to contend with the usual home/school/church stuff as well.  There is going to be a lot going on in March for academically alone, it's going to be tons of fun trying to make my brain work while people around me are partying.. oh well, I guess this is what the first 4 years prepares you for, right?

Did i mention that I broke the damper pedal on the family piano Monday night? Yep, I did!  The piano tuner guy we've had for ages had come and fixed it about 2 years of so ago- he concocted a temporary solution with a wire and some string and perhaps an elastic band or two but the temporary sort of became permanent until now that it's finally in it's "broken-needs-to-be-fixed" state once more.  *sigh* I hate trying to sustain the sounds with my hands... I regret the damage to my piano and I am hoping we can have it fixed soon...* crosses-fingers*

Here are some pictures detailing my current chaotic schedule for homework and some randoms about the weather and the state of chaos in my life. Enjoy!

February Cat Frolicking in Foliage

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