Monday, July 18, 2011

Hottest Monday of Life!!!!

As I sit here typing I am literally dripping sweat! It's soo gross!  This fan overhead is scarcely relieving the heat in this room.  My house is becoming a puddle, even my piano is sweating... Eww. i know.. So nasty.  Gotta love this country we live in.. O Canada, where crazy weather snows, provinces flood and everything where else burns" .. no.. don't like my new rendition of  our national anthem? hehe

I spent a wonderful weekend out in the sun, going to the beach at P. D and misting it up at "the Falls"..  I guess we shouldn't complain too much.. we could be stuck in the middle of the Sahara desert with no water.. it could always be worse (thx MC).. or it could be 40 degree below zero with blizzarding snow.. I guess for 2 months it's easy enough to handle the heat.. and they say sweating is good for your skin.. right?

Right now i'm listening to this Christian musical group called Starfield and they are pretty awesome!!  I think you should check them out and listen to their stuff.. whether or not Christian contemporary worship music interests you at all *giggles* It is all reallly awesome!! Talk about rocking out with JC! God Bless guys!  I'm listening to their album I Will Go and I'm totally hooked on them!! Gonna go out and get me their other albums (i'm borrowing this one from one of my totally awesome "crazy" christian friends who intru'd me to this amazingly talented worship group ... XOXO)

Here's their wiki page so you can read all about them and their site+ youtube vids so give em a listen if you've got a few mins <3

Did you know that there is Christian rock, rap, alternative and scream-o?? No really, you should listen to the band called Skillet, they are also awesome!!!  So is the group HillSong.. Amazing vocal and musical talents working together to praise God, it's just Awesome!

Anyway I've got to go change shirts cuz my current one is soaked and I've gotta put my 'darks' into the washer cuz I'm now running out of clean shirts.. the heat won't last much longer.. right?

Stay Frosty my friends.. and please leave me your comments (with an initial or identifier) cuz so far lately the only one reading me is  allegedly Mr. O. Wilde and i'm pretty sure he's been dead a long time :P THX


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Nicholas Greco said...


The "scene" known technically known as "Contemporary Christian Music" has been around since the very late 1960s, when a bunch of hippies converted to Christianity, but still wanted to play their "rock 'n' roll," but infused it with Christian themes. Soon after, certainly by the late 1970s, it became somewhat institutionalized, with Christians being the primary listeners to this style of music, with Christian record labels popping out, and Christian stores selling Christian music.

I think its height of popularity was in the early 1990s, though this is probably the case only in Canada - the US context would be quite different. I used to listen to this kind of music exclusively in the mid 1980s, but stopped once the mid 1990s rolled around. The music then was not always in the category of "worship music" a la Hillsong or whatever else, but rather music by Christians (think more U2 and less JesusCulture, or whatever). But, for sure, the market was more exclusive and less widespread.

I'll tell you all about CCM when we see each other in a few days. Fascinating stuff! If you take Popular Music and Culture at Providence University College in the Winter semester 2012, you can hear a couple of lectures on Christian popular music.