Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's August Already???

 On July 19th I got told that the following morning my sisters and I had to get up very early.  We got surprised by our parents and older sister and bro-in-law with airplane tickets from Buffalo to Orlando... We were floored! We were going to meet our sister, husband and niece to stay or 8 nights, 9 days in Disney World!!!  You can just imagine our excitement, no? I'm not half the Disney Freak my family is but oh my gosh I was soo stoked.  My entire family and I had been to Disney World once before, but I have very little to no recollection of this trip as I had yet to reach the age of 4.  So there we were, July 20th, 8am and loading up the van with roughly packed suitcases and one backpack (into which all our ''necessities'' were thrown).  It took just over an hour to get to Niagara and crossing the border into the US wasn't terrible.  We arrived at the Buffalo airport with a few hours before our flight, so we checked our baggage, grabbed some grub and settled in for the seemingly endless wait.

The first thing I was told on the momentous day of the 19th while packing was "your cell phone stays home... you're going to try a technology free experiment.  So there will be no accessing the internet or communicating with anyone."  Great.   After I got over that shock, I also realised I wouldn't be able to blog at all during the trip.. so I rushed out to he nearest paper goods store and got myself a lovely note book. (pictures to come)

Yep, I was back to using the tried and true paper and pen method of journal writing.  Which come to think of it, didn't actually work out as terrible as I had somewhat anticipated. I found it kind of nice being able to just flip the book open and start writing.. no internet loading time, no fear of having things erase or reset.. I think I'm going to try writing my next epic in a notebook.  I even got all into writing in journal entry form starting with the date and signing off at the end. I have decided to set a goal for myself  before I have to leave for WYD Madrid (in 6 days..AHH!!) and that goal is to transcribe everything I wrote down in my travel journal onto my blog.  SO starting from this post onward, I will be attaching my submissions to my blog posts :D

SO lets go back in time, back to the far away days that were my July Vacation, out of reality and into the past!

                                                  . . . Enroute To Orlando. . .
 The plane left on time and we boarded easily but it was not assigned seating.  My sisters and I sat together and one in the seats adjacent to us.  Take off went well, forgot to put in the "earplanes" but it was all good.  Occasional popping but no pressure from the SARPE so i'm happy.  The lack of assigned seating is a bit lame but at least we are all near each other. There are a lot of young families with children- most seem to be heading to Disney World like us!   We are all so stoked to get there but excited just as much to see our sister, bro-in-law and niece.  Mickey and Minnie are a bonus. 

While we were in the airport, we went to the restroom 3 times and each one was different in size... weird I know..clean floors though and nice no-touch sinks and paper towel dispensers and blow dryers.  I know what you must be thinking. how long is she going to be talking about air port washrooms?  Well, I assure you, not too much longer.  I just want to comment on the fact that the toilet paper i n the stalls was thin enough to see my hand through, which means you have to use a lot  more to feel clean enough.. I know- Too Much Info.

So it's 1:45 pm and we've been flying for just shy of an hour now.. about another hour and a bit to go.. (in British accent) I'm SO Excited! Took some gravol before we boarded and it seems to be holding because even though the rides a little bumpy i'm feeling sick.  I was a tad bit on the panicky side  before and during take off but I've gotten over it *high five for conquering fears!* There's a fifteen year old girl named Colleen sitting beside my sister who is making bracelets out of thread.  Her pattern is crazy.  She's talkative but very nice and polite, she's flying on her own.  I'm glad she's with us in the row because it's helping her not be so nervous... and us too!  It's nice to know that American teens are still 'good' and friendly these days.  The A/C is on max and the plane is comfy considering how many people are in here (2 rows of 3 seats with approximately 25 roms in the whole plane- do the math 3X2X25...150?)

Anyway, we're doing well except for the constant cold air that's being blown on our heads.  We are flying above the clouds and it's completely surreal until you look out the window.  This is what it must feel like for birds I guess.. Ah! to be a bird...

Well that's all for now, gotta remember to put the "earplanes" in before descending.  Bit of turbulance but it's okay, i'm still writing and trying to remain calm.  Going to read some more from Laura Kate's novel "Torment" (book two of the Fallen series)- oh! am so excited to find that most of the signs and stuff in the airport is in English and Spanish!!!!!


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