Wednesday, July 6, 2011

...Had a Good Day For a Wednesday..

Surprisingly my Wednesday this week went really well.  I had a good time with some people im just nuts over and got to nap and rest and just plain chill.

You know what a good movie is? One with Jack Black in it!! Watched the "Tenacious D- The Pick Of Destiny" today for the third time and I fall back into love with it :D Such epic music and come on, you gotta love Jabels and Kage.. such a dynamic duo! Thumbs up if you love Sasquatch! *RIP*R. J. Dio*- the rock world is missing a bright bright star!! " must face your inner demons, now go my son and ROCK!"

So what did you do today? nothing? anything?

i was told today that I should post more, and so i decided that im going to start fulfilling one of afore-posted to-do list entries and post as much as possible until i can post no further! Thanks to my inspirations out there!

Over the weekend I found out that one of my faithful comment giving people was a certain cousin of mine who chose to remain anonymous (VS! u know who u are!) and sadly is away at camp until the end of July.. so someone else better start up the comments or i'm going to be so so sad.. by the way, if you do comment please leave me something to recognize you by.. like an initial or nic-name or atleast be the "<3" person.. come on people.. stop being lazy and just comment.. remember also you can e-mail.. do I have to say it in every post? :P

I posted 5 more songs of youtube!!! So now there are 7, which im both nervous and excited about.. my cover of Zombie so far is the most viewed and the responses have been positive.  *high five to me* I decided to put up videos that boast my piano playing abilities and not so much my lame haircut of the past and my inconsistent pitch singing hehe.. i know I know.. use a capo blah blah blah.. note to self- steal a capo off my bro..  Anywho, I'm hoping you'll take a listen to my instrumental covers and give me some feedback either on youtube directly or on here or through e-mail..  let me know what you think, liked or didn't, etc. lets try to keep it positive and constructive though ok?

If you haven't found me yet just search BilichC on youtube for my vids/my channel.. now to leave you with a little something from my friend and yours, JB.. Enjoy!

Down where the sasquatch hide,
In the misty mountainside,
He's got shiny diamonds that he's got to protect,
Look into the sasquatch eye,
Did you know that sass could fly?
Sasquatch is my daddy and he's going to protect, me!
Half man, half machine,
On the cover of a magazine,
Bigfoot is my father and he's got to protect, me!
These lyrics don't make sense,
Think i've found the evidence,
That yeti is my papa and he wants to protect, me!
 -Tenacious D: Papagenu (he's my sassafrass)-


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