Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Month of March.. Would I Rather Have Essays or Snow? I don't Know Which Is Worse!

I've been absolutely swamped with papers since st. patty's day - as you can tell from my lack of posting.. but I only have one more to write before the term ends and then it's on to exams!

I wrote an essay for Native American lit which I handed in today and I hope to do well on.. Fingers Crossed..

Yesterday we had this freak snow fall.. yeah.. nearing the end of March.. supposed to be spring and flowers and birds chirping and nice weather all up in here, but no! We got more snow! because that is what Canada is all about!

Seriously though.. I was just about to put my boots away and prep myself for flats and sneakers again when BAm! SnowFall Warning 15-20 cm of snow for my area! Grrr! And then guess what? Today the sun was shining and everything started melting but ofcourse its still -11 with the windchill so everything thats melting is flash freezing!! Great! So not only did the university campus get covered in a nice white blanket again but then it turned into a puddle which then turned into a frozen lake...

I took some pics of my house being attacked by snow.. I thought it might interest any of you who have it better or worse.. Enjoy :)



Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Serafina and I can't believe how much snow you have. I'm sure it will melt quickly!

love you

Cristina Bilich said...

Yea it's craziness! I thought it was over!! :( Its melting slowly but surely.. lets just hope the temperature increases though because everything keeps re-freezing.