Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Hello all!  Just a quick message for today.. I'm currently sitting in one of the university libraries attempting to write a rather large paper over the next 2 and a half hours, quite a task by all means..  I thought I'd let you know about the St. Patty's day festivities that are going on around campus.  The campus pubs are full-up as it were, with the graduates club having admitted over 200 people from 11am-2pm and hoping to exceed that amount three-fold from 2pm onward when it becomes a 19+ only venue.  I have been sitting in the library since 3:30 trying to write and being completely envious all those select few that are enjoying a fun, stress free afternoon in the pub..   The undergrads pub I have not been around to check out but im certain it must be busy as they will admit almost anyone- exactly why upper year undergrads visit the grads pub instead of that one hehe.. 

If my paper turns out any good, I might consider posting it but here are the basics of it... Im discussing women in colonial and post-colonial societies focusing on domesticity, gender inequalities of labour, women powerless and silenced, women who come to represent the nation and the mother=hood symbol under dominant make colonisation circumstances... if any of this makes sense to you then e-mail me and i might send you my paper or post it if there is a popular demand (which i doubt highly :( oh well cant always hope for the stars)...

so pretty much ive got to finish this paper, and then over the weekend begin another one which is due on Monday which i am waiting to start because i am a terrible  procrastinator...

Thanks for reading... as always.. This would be soo easier if I had a magical homework fairy to help me.. again wishful thinking.. *sigh*


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