Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another post about why I haven't been posting...

Yes i realize that my last post was a long time ago... I've been busy with work and reading a lot, and I lent my laptop out to my bf for school in September- do you know how tough it is for type an entire post on a little Samsung cell phone screen?? Touch screen texting is so not conducive to easy typing.

I've begun NaNoWriMo again and intend on achieving my 50k words but we shall see what happens as the month wears on. My new story is about a girl named Charlotte Hume who desperately seeks a home in which to plant her roots and has issues with commitment and relationships because of never having ancestral and familiar solidity. On top of it all, along with Hume manor, Charlotte inherits another set of mysterious gifts  from her great aunt- her sole relative and the previous inhabitant of the large estate- which make her life even more challenging. I'm 1000 words in and i'm slowly running out of days but I intend on making the best of it.  Did I mention that I'm writing it all into a notebook? Remember I lent my laptop out? And I don't think I've mentioned that my sister and niece are here visiting til November 20th from Manitoba... Obstacles will never stop me, gainsay who dares!!

I hope to be back up and blogging soon enough.. or at least in time to give you a post-autumn flash back in pictures before everything gets covered in white up here in the "true north..."


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Anthony De Feo said...

Sorry about your laptop:p I guarantee it isn't going to waste and is being put to good use;)