Friday, November 15, 2013

Another year, another birthday... Im 24... im twenty-four... ^_^

Wow, another year has passed and it only felt like a weeks worth of time but here we are again.. another year older, another year wiser.. another year of trying to read, trying to write, trying to blog.. and another birthday.

I am twenty-four years old.. man what happened to being 20? There is something almost comical in birthdays, because you know that time is passing- every day is another number, and after 28 or 30 or 31 days its another month, another season.. and before you know it an entire 365 days has passed you by. The funny part is that we continue to both loathe and love that day, each year its exciting because the number of years that your on earth changes and yet its just like any other day. You attack your alarm clock for 5 minutes before dragging yourself into a 5 minute shampoo rinse- because you slept in again- then dress yourself and try to dry your hair in another 5 minutes before filling up your water bottle, throwing your scarf around your head and hoping you grab your purse on your hasty exit. Yet, there is something magically wonderful about your birthday day. I don't know if its just me but i couldn't help but be happy and giggly and cheery today.. and the sarcastic comments from your co-workers, or the "oh so your not open on Saturday" that comes from the other end of the telephone conversation you've have 50 times already can't get you down. I was whistling and humming and full on singing today... I felt very blessed today, and for the minute before opening the door to the trophy shop I stopped to thank God and reflect on the sky as I usually do- i'm stuck in a kind of hole building for 4 and a half hours right- and  it was warm and sunny and the sky was bright and blue today, 12 degrees Celsius and I couldn't help but be humbled in the beauty that the Lord gave me in this morning of this wonderful day.

I even got sung a beautiful rendition of the traditional happy b-day song by my 4 and a half year old niece that went something like "tante costoline a te" which translated to "many little rib-lits for (to) you" (because costlina = rib in italian). I got a fabulous Nightmare Before Christmas tee-shirt along with a hand-drawn picture of donald duck- also from my niece- and I was able to thank my mom for my life.. Id say its turning out to be a wonderful birthday. My bf and I even went to see The Priests in concert a few days ago,which was amazing and had been kept a super secret from me til 5 minutes before the show began and the night was incredible!! Now im going to be eating my favourite pasta of all time- pasta carbonara with big hunks of panchetta cuz we don't mess around- and spending the evening watching some good movies and enjoying some really great company.

I hope anyone else who shares my November 15th birthday is having as awesome a birthday- day as I am..

Thank you God for giving my mother the strength to bear me for 9 months and give me life 24 years ago.

Check out this years birthday Google doodle:

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