Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What is it? Why, It's an Art Attack!

The other day at work my boss was showing me how to take the adhesive paper off of pre-cut Plexiglas and he was adamant about two things: not touching the glass on either side with your fingers once you've removed the paper, and making sure to pull the adhesive covering paper down slowly so that little particles don't fling onto the glass and get stuck. After having removed quite a lot of the protective adhesive papers, my boss walked by and decided to "show [me] something really neat you can do with the paper once you've removed it".  He slowly and fluidly removed the paper off one of the sides of a piece of Plexiglas and did so in a way in which allowed the paper to curl into a funnel. He then proceeded to throw it onto the workbench, and repeated these curling and throwing motions until he had lovely artsy looking pile. In case you are wondering, these protective adhesive papers are exactly what they sound like- sticky!  He then proceeded to tell me that he had once stacked up over 200 of the adhesive papers and that it really did look like a beautiful modern art sculpture.

I was intrigued by this and therefore began to make my own pile of these rolled papers until even I- a simple lowly inexperience trophy building serf was able to create my very own work of art.  Further inspired by the idea of off shapes and modern looking art piles, I also made a haphazardly constructed pile of engraved 1"x3"metal plates that I spent the majority of this morning "lifting" off of resin awards.

Check out my modern creations below, and feel free to comment/e-mail..


Adhesive paper tower...
 yes its sitting on the very full shop garbage can.

Pile of engraved plates.
I call it... Scrap Metal.. lol
The paper is a brownish colour.. 

Close up of the engraving... 

Glorious B&W 


Antonella Greco said...

Fun! And nice blanket. And very nice denim quilt! : )

Anthony De Feo said...

I feel these masterpieces should be in the AGH. I especially like the one you have deemed "scrap metal." I find it absolutely fascinating and am intrigued by the way the metal curls at just the right angle:p