Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

It's the fifteenth day of the eleventh month of the year two thousand and twelve.

An hour and twenty minutes ago today, my mother was in the hospital bringing me into the world.

Today I am 23 years old.  God, thank you for giving my parents the ability and the desire to create a new life.  Mom, thank you for carrying me for nine months and for bringing me into the world.. thank you for your scars and pain. I owe you my life.


I woke up and turned on my computer so I could blog and start writing my novel again... and when firefox opened up I was given a most wonderful and curious surprise!

This is what my Google homepage looked like...


So thanks to the wonders of connected technology, with my gmail and google+, Google in its wonderfully thoughtful (or thoughtless??) wisdom personalized my Google homepage! When I scrolled over the image to see why it was birthday-i-fied, I saw my message! I then proceeded to Google "how to take a screen shot with windows" and then I took a picture. My cell phone just couldn't capture it clearly enough... Anyway its cool and It made me smile!

I also got wished a Happy Birthday by my 3 year old niece- I don't think she's said it herself to anyone of our family members before me so.. GO Me! Who's the favourite aunt now?!?!! 


Well I hope you have a great day, I am going to be writing the day away and I hope I can knock off at least 5000 words. Wish me luck! 


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