Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nanowrimo: the first week

We are now just over the first week of NANOWRIMO and I've written 4000 words. Not the best start to my novel but were moving along- even if it has been at a snails pace. I am really beginning to enjoy my novel and while I haven't had much time to write it, I am going to continue trying my best to make it to the 50k finish line...

My novel is a sort of pseudo-memoire/personal history and in it you read about two people's lives that run parallel to one another's. A 25 year old woman receives her beloved and now deceased Aunt's journals and discovers much about the life of the woman she grew up loving and admiring that she never believed could be true. The recounting of her aunts life takes place in journal entry form which is not date or time stamped. The niece discovers that life for a woman in a small town (hers) and life for a woman from the big city (her aunts) are not so very different as she thought with regards to love, emotions, coming of age and change; spirituality, age and sexuality, relationships and the future. She realises that anyone and everyone can have a "tainted past" and still live honestly, in goodness and remain close to God. The young woman also learns that while in some cases (in her life and her aunts) blood runs thicker than water, it is still possible to break the restrictive and constricting ties that bind.

All in all it should be a very rewarding novel and an emotional rollercoaster for this aspiring authoress :D

I wonder if it will be on the bookstore shelves one day...

Forward... write!


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