Saturday, July 13, 2013

The wonders of Mother Earth..

Every day my mother checks on her two favourite children... her birds! *hehe* Well, one of the everyday tasks includes changing the food and water containers and each day or so the canary's food container is only shells- the canary eats the little seeds out and leaves the shells.  Now that it is the summer, my mom takes the empty shells outside and dumps them on the railing for the outside birds and other little animals to devour- which they do willingly! The other day, after a week or so of having continuously dumped the food container onto the deck railing,  my mother realized that the seed shells had begun to sprout in the cracks and grooves of the wooden railing. Little tiny green shoots have come up and are growing strong. We couldn't believe the sight!

We have decided that nothing is too big or too small to astonish us in this life, especially with regards to nature and creation.  What wonders the Lord puts on this earth for us; the plants and flowers, the grass and trees all play a role in the ever moving cycle of life. We can only life on this earth so long as the grass continues to grow, the flowers bloom and the trees give up their fruit. We must always be thankful, and grateful especially for the gift of the tiny shoots that sprout up out of the nothingness in our gardens of life...

Here's a visual..


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