Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doesn't matter if your black or white... or does it??

Michael Jackson (RIP) absolutely had it right with that smash hit, because when it comes to skin colour and race, I'd definitely have to agree that it doesn't matter.  But what about when we are talking about objects  that happen to be within our sights every now and then?? 

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately, and many of them I've decided look better in black and white, and thanks to the different settings on my cell phone's camera I have been able to take shots of the same views in both colour and well.. not colour.. *hehe*

The former being clarified I now present for your own viewing pleasure, the subjects of my frenzied photo-taking... you might like to decide for yourself which images looks better in their "natural colour" state or in 
their altered B&W state. 

The following pictures were taken when I was in Toronto walking from the GO station to the Molson Amphitheater when we went to see GBS  this past month.  Please excuse my biased opinion in the captions, but feel free to think for yourselves. 

A highway bridge in Toronto

The same highway bridge just closer up

The CN Tower from far..

Attempts at a close-up
Not exactly the same shot but the same CN Tower

The entrance gate to Exposition Place

Same shot of the Expo gates, but I like it in B&W better
The CN Tower from inside the Molson Amphitheater

Same shot, but the CN Tower didn't come up well
The sun setting from under the Molson Amphitheater canopy

The exact same shot, but I like the contrast better in B&W

 I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at what I was looking st through my camera lens... why do I feel like Roland Barthes and Sarah Mulvey might take issue with this?? *hehe* As always- feel free to comment or e-mail :)



Anthony De Feo said...

I would have to say most of them look better in black and white. I find pictures in black and white to be more "fashionable" and "olden-esque". If I had to be pick my favourite, it would definitely be the gates:)

Cristina Bilich said...

Definitely agree.. the gates of the ex look phenomenal!

Nicholas Greco said...

Barthes had no problem with black and white. He thought it was much better than colour. He detests colour photographs, as colour is (for Barthes) simply cosmetic: a "superadded light." (p.81 of Camera Lucida)

As for Mulvey, I wonder what she would say about the CN Tower. As long as you're not taking pictures of women, then you're probably alright. But perhaps the CN Tower becomes feminized by the gaze of the Internet audience?

Sorry. You asked the question. I just attempted to answer it.