Saturday, May 18, 2013

Looking At The World Negatively...

      The other day I spent over an hour taking pictures in my backyard with my cell phone and discovered how different the world can look through a lens. Then I remembered that my cell phone's camera has a option to change the effects on it to black&white and to negative. So then I spent another hour with my very interested and extremely intelligent four year old niece looking through my camera at the world around us in negative. 

On behalf of my niece and myself, I'd like to show you what our world looked like on that very fine spring day in this merry month of May: 

Cool right? If you've ever wondered what the world might look like in blue and purple, now you know :) 

The green leaves turned purple, the tree trunk browns turned grey; reds turned aqua and light browns and yellows and oranges turned blue as well.  Depending on the way that the light was hitting whatever I was taking photos of, and also how the light was entering into the lens, it changed into bright white-ish hues of light colour. Really neat right? 

Comment if u like, im working on some transition pictures right now and will post about them another day soon. 

Have a good weekend :) 


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Jennifer Rodgers said...

Very cool miss, I love taking pictures. I took like 1000 on my trip to Newfoundland, mostly plants and landscape :).