Friday, April 26, 2013

Slightly behind on my posts..

The last three weeks of April have been positively crazy... i went to a concert, journeyed to Manitoba and dropped my brand new not even one month old cell phone and cracked the screen in the upper left corner...

The last of those listed above greatly contributed to my lack of posting as of late but now i intend on making up for it as best as possible.

To begin with, allow me to share with you the highlights of my concert experience.
       4 friends and i went to see the Canadian Folk/Pop group Great Big Sea in concert here in our home town. It was an amazing show! The band hails from Newfoundland and are currently celebrating 20 (or XX) years. I bought a t-shirt (FYI.. womens shirts at concerts are made much much smaller for many reasons- primarily poor fabric choice- therefore if you normally wear a large or x-large you will likely find yourself just barely fitting into the ladies 2x and might even opt to wear a mens medium or large..if u feel bad about sizes just remember that its not you- its the shirt) and we sat up in the first balcony which was perfect. We could see everything and the sound was amazing- Hamilton Place is made for that though and i suspect the experience and sound quality would have been less enjoyable standing on the grass in the Molson Ampatheatre a few towns over from here. Allan Doyle and his gang of sea-mates put on a ridiculously awesome show-provided youre interested in sea-faring songs, mermaids and love. The old-tyme folk songs that are given new twists blend right in with the more contemporary sounds of their pop songs and balance quite nicely to showcase the talents of these men who have been perfecting their art for twenty years and have remained rather popular for a Canadian group... perhaps anyone can enjoy being thrown out onto the sea of no cares or ranting and roaring like true newfoundlanders.

Check out the stage:

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