Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ugh.. Sick again!!

I may or may not have mentioned previously that in December I caught a bad cold (see my post about Halls encouragement packaging), and that it dwindled out with a lame cough and then disappeared completely.  Well, last week this cold reappeared in my system and my cough has returned with a vengeance.  I had also been fighting cold sores previously to this cold and then once my cold came out, I had three big cold sores take up residence on the left side of my mouth. You might ask yourself, Is there anything worse than a cold sore?? I'm here to tell you that yes, yes there is something worse than a cold sore... three cold sores and the flu!!!

Apparently the cold/flu that's going around this season can last up to 100 days in your house if you let the germs circulate... As a result, none of your family members and probably not even your pets or house plants are safe from it. And 9 times out of 10, it's viral, which means that the doctor's can't even do anything for you.  That's right, you've just got to rely on your immune system to fight it off. Interestingly enough, I believe that I caught this cold again because my immune system went down while I was at home over the Christmas holiday... and right now I feel like I'm still waiting for it to reboot. Ugh!

All 4 members of my household- myself included in the 4- have had a run in with this annoying flu and we've been actively cleaning and sterilizing and airing out the house in order to rid our bodies and our surfaces of the germs. I don't know how effective it was but we all did feel better after getting rid of the stale sick air. The biggest issue that this cold brings is a suppressed cough that resurfaces weeks later and sticks around to keep you up at night and annoy you and everyone around you.

Sound like Fun?? I hope and pray that YOU dear faithful reader- where ever you may be- do not ever experience this cold.  Right now as I type, I am wheezing and coughing and hacking up a lung -figuratively- but I'm hoping that with expectorating, I'll be breathing easily soon enough.

If only I didn't hate cough syrup so much... Buckley's is disgusting although many of my family members swear by it and drink it straight from the bottle when they're sick.  I'll stick to my Advil Cold and Sinus Plus and Buckley's daytime/night-time cold and flu Pills.

Random question: if you've used the Buckley's pills before, have you noticed that during the first fever and chills part of a cold, taking the daytime ones (the yellow ones) makes you feel even colder and more fevered and shaky and gross?? My sisters and I have all had this experience with them... You're nose stops running but you feel even worse... Weird right?

By the way, it's January 16th and there is NO Snow here in the Southern part of Canada.. It's a lovely  blue sky day and 3 degrees Celsius... The grass is green and the ground is dry. It's absurd for winter!! The other day is was 13 degrees above zero, which was record-breaking for us.

Anyway, I've got to get back to reading but aim to post again soon

Ta Ta for Now!


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