Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You know its almost Christmas because...

In our family, we know that we are nearing Christmas because the masses double, everyone gets sick and my mom remembers that we misplaced the "capanna" (manger) for our "presepio" (nativity scene) :D

We went to get our Albero di Natale (christmas tree) last week and it sat ourside for 6 days.. which is fine because trees belong outside, except as usual my dad decided to do the fresh cutting (means taking an inch off the end of the trunk so it'll drink water)on day two and then leave it outside 4 more days.. Which is exactly what he did last year and our tree barely have any pine needles left by Befana (January the 8th).

  Anyway we had to wait a week to put the tree in the stand because my parents were getting the carpet professionally cleaned.. but we managed to put the tree up on Saturday without much trouble- although my dad forgot to screw the grate onto the the trunk bottom for the stand... and like always, on Sunday we went to decorate it and we ended up having to pull the tree out of the stand and put the grate on because the tree started tipping forward.

By the end of Sunday we had the tree all decorated and lit up and my sisters and I, along with our new bro-in-law sat in front of it and enjoyed some tea and ginger snaps and christmas records- that's right records! It was really a nice way to end the evening..

We're working on the Presepio but my mom put its together so its going at her pace- pictures to follow!

Below are some pictures of our masterpiece tree- with all the old school mismatching ornaments we've had since before I was born :) and of course the lights that we put on every year after complaining we ought to change them.. enjoy!


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