Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goodbye First Term, HELLO Winter Break!!

I am finally finished exams for first semester and it feels really great! And a little sad.

I know... I'm a nerd what can I say? I had a really great term, and I managed to survive hell month and maintain a B- average, even on the silly classes.  I think that deserves a pat on the back. *pats self on back*
Wow am I ever tired!  I was at school for about 7 hours, 5 of which were spent studying fiercely, and two of which spent writing with furious insanity. Gotta love hand cramps! At least I survived.  we'll see how my grades work out in the end though.

I discovered something about myself tonight that really made me happy... I actually know what I'm doing!  I'm not a screw up anymore!  It's crazy but In my insanity, I think I've actually done something right this semester.  I knew it!!!  I'm super proud of myself for actually pulling the grades I'm meant to get.  Doing work really does pay off :P *jokes* I'm just thrilled that I did the right thing this term, and that switching programs 3 years back was really the best decision I could have ever made. I just hope I can keep this outlook on life for next semester.  Unfortunately I'm overloading one course which means I'll not only have 2 seminars BUT i'll also be dealing with 4 2nd and 3rd level classes.  And that means 4 final exams next Spring.  Ugh!  Forget about it, for now lets celebrate the success of this term! Cheers!

I`ve got tons of sewing to get working on ASAP! I`m hoping  to have a quarter of it done by this upcoming Monday... It's already Dec 14th.. oh my gosh! I've got to get working.. too bad Santa's elves are busy, I could use the extra hands.  *sigh* Just need to button up my cardigan and get a sewing!

I'd also long to get some writing done during the break... and maybe get a head start on the readings for next semester.... I don't get it, this year Christmas is on a weekend, final exams don't finish until the 21st but we still return to school January 4th! It's outrageous! Thats so not enough time!!  Oh well...
There's just no rest for the wicked I suppose.  

Daddy and I are going to pick out our family Christmas tree tomorrow.. yay! and hopefully it will be decorated by the end of week *fingers crossed*

Gonna get some much needed sleep now... Why is Sleep the only thing you can't catch up on?  I don'[t know whats harder really, catching up on sleep or making the money tree grow... hmm


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