Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End of November Already? 0_0

I managed to surive Hell Month somehow but I'm still not finished.  Though i've entered the final stretch of my ridiculous essay word count goal i'm still 2500 words away from the finish line :(

I managed to get an extension from my prof and did not have to turn in an unfinished, unedited piece of literary garbage.. yay!  But now i've still got to get this paper done between now and Sunday- which if you know me, you know how much my weekends are write offs. *sigh*

Gonna push myself to do at least a page and a half single spaced today, if not more.. 2500 words is approximately 7 pages double spaced, which when single spaced equals to only about 3 pages and some leftovers.. I love typing in single space, its much more gratifying to double space your work and have it hit 7 pages rather than trying to write 7 spaces straight through.  Perhaps I'm just insane and it's my subconscious brain trying to pacify my stress..  Either way it works, I can (as they say) "get'er done"

Speaking of "get'er done".. Is anyone else happy about today being the last day of November? or is it just me?  I can't wait to see the clean shaven men around campus again!  If I have to see one more cheesy 70's caterpillar, hitler stash, dirty sanchez, captain hook, handlebar or teenage mustache I will bring clippers to school.. honestly, i'm surprised none of the women have gone "Sweeney Todd" on their men yet! Thank you for the support of men's cancers but that furry thing has to go!  Only Johnny Depp and Hulk Hogan look good in a mustache okay?

ooo Randomness! I ran into my old choir conductor yesterday.. third time this month! Back in October we met in the hallway and he had asked me if I wanted to join the women's ensemble he was conducting, starting January and I said yes. Yesterday he came round again while i was in the Aristotle's Republic headquarters (yes I know it was Plato's republic, you had to be there) and we picked a day for me to sing for him... he wants to place me properly which is great since he hasn't heard me sing since I was probably 12 years old.  Fingers crossed!  I'm hoping to sing a nostalgic piece from my childhood days in the CCCC that I'm certain will bring back fond memories for him and I really hope I can sell it to the back of the house- if u will.

Enough of that now, i've got to write my head off.  Drop me a comment or e-mail me if you're still reading me.. i know i've abandoned my blog for a while, but i feel more alone in the giant internet sea than ever before!


p.s if you're wondering what happened with my NaNoWriMo story this November... well, it didn't.  I made 1000 words and then face the hardest month of reading and writing academically that I have ever faced. here's hoping for next year!

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Chelsea said...

You can do it! :)