Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday...

I was walking around on campus and I didn't realize how terrible Mondays are for people - students in particular- until I looked around and saw all of the somber dreary faces and heard the slow shuffling feet moving about around campus.. Some people just can't survive after the weekend! My classes of approximately 70 students were at about half capacity today even a little less.  Insanity.

We just got back from reading week.  It was completely uneventful for me thought I managed to purchase and read 3 non-school related fiction novels (yay!) and meet with a few friends that I haven't seen in a long time.  It was mostly unproductive though as far as school work is concerned... I feel like such a bad student because I barely lifted a book and I only opened my notebook at the end of the week to check my schedule so I could plan my Sunday night sleep time accordingly (wow homework fail on my part)...

After it snows on campus everything looks lovely and white and sparkly... you saw the pictures! But after the temperature heats up a bit, the sun comes out and everything melts, followed by gray skies, rain and more melting of snow and frozen ground the university campus takes on a muddy soggy appearance and turns into a giant puddle. The appearance of small lakes has become something to be expected when you are walking around the campus grounds post snow and during the melting days of rain and sun- and yet students everywhere forget to wear rubber boots and water proof foot gear (shoe fail!).  The grounds, walkways, and the buildings entrances and hallways also become messy, dirty, wet, muddy - basically disgusting.. and students do not care about it, they will walk anywhere in muddy shoes, even smearing the dirt onto the backs of chairs in lecture theaters just waiting for that unknowing person to rub against it as they pass or put their coat directly on top of it.. eww *shakes fist in anger at student ignorance and bad hygiene*

Anyway, I thought I would show you all a few shots of the giant puddles on campus today- they were so large and treacherous that entire pathways were blocked off with yellow wooden caution horses and orange pylons. So enjoy these images!  Don't forget I appreciate any and all feed back on here, drop me a comment or e-mail me at

Beside the tree on the right is a caution horse that became partially submerged.. insanity
Where did the path go? It just disappeared! You can see the caution horse on the father side of this water mass- the other one is beside the tree on the right.. it became a part of the lake :(

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