Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Midterm Time!!!!

 I know I should be studying right now, because I totally have a midterm at 3:30 pm tomorrow but I wanted to post because I haven't in a while and I apologize..

I'm sitting at my computer fighting the urge not to open up a tab on firefox and watch The Nanny on youtube but it is very hard ...


Besides my midterm tomorrow afternoon I also have an early morning eye doctors appointment!! WOOo! because I need to get my vision checked as it seems to be getting worse and worse lately... I'm getting tired of having to squint through my lenses to see the signs, black/white boards, and peoples faces which are 20 feet away from me! I have glasses so I can see.. but they are so not helping right now. I don't want to get new frams though, because I'm in love with my current ones, so I hope they can replace my lenses and not damage my frames... after the appointment I have to rush to school for a 2:30 class on the literature of everyone's favorite 18th century british novelist- Jane Austen!! such a great class.. I got an A- on a paper I wrote for that class which discussed Jane Austen's ideal masculinity in Northanger Abbey using the character of John Thorpe and making a small comparison to Henry Tilney to prove that the ideal masculinity is everything which John Thorpe is Not... I know.. craziness, but hey I got an A- and there were only 2 A grades given out of the entire 200 student class!! Go Me! I should post it so you can all read it.. maybe next post.. hmmm..

... right, back to the Native American lit midterm.. ugh..   

My lovely sisters just came in and they brought me a chai tea latte!!! So Tasty!! and yesterday I went to the store and bought a large box of my favorite candy :D

Now i'm plunked in front of the screen with my latte, my nerds (so appropriate!) and my midterm review, obviously not studying right now (have been studying since 4pm this afternoon thought).  I decided I'd take a moment to express my self creatively before I go crazy...

So here are some pictures for you to enjoy..  Pray for me tomorrow from 3:30-5:30 while I write my midterms.. I'm going to need all the support I can get.  Well I wish you all a good night and I hope you will be thinking of me fondly while you are all enjoying your wonderful afternoons and I am stuck identifying terms and making comparisons of themes in native literature to native poetry and novels.. :(

I love the class, I am just so lazy right now and I cannot wait for next week.. Reading Week! The university student's much needed "February" (march) Break! It's almost here, just 48 hours to go.


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