Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Its been 7 Months..

To my faithful readers I apologize for not posting in the past 7 months... life's just been so busy I barely check my email..

I've been quilting like mad lately and working as usual the trophy shop. I need a full time job if anyone is hiring: I have an English degree which means I can read and write and think so feel free to throw job options at me!

My sister is recovering nicely- we just celebrated her 7th month post surgery- and hoping to be med-free in another 5 months :)

I will throw some pics of my recent quilts up on here as soon as I can get my cell phone to let them go...

Now for more exciting news :  I'm Engaged!!!!

Yep that's right, it finally happened :) On September 27th in Niagara falls... We were attending a Conference put on by Branches Catholic Ministries called Regernate(d) and the Holy Spirit inspired my beloved into action. I am now the proud of wearer of a wonderfully nontraditionally gorgeous aquamarine stone <3 Will put up a pic or two soon I promise!

Hope you got your fill of Turkey... I can't believe Winter is Coming :(

<3 C

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