Saturday, February 1, 2014

First post of the new year..

Well it's February 1st 2014 and I can't believe how quickly we transitioned into this year.

I didn't give you a 2013 Christmas recap like I usually do each year.. things have just been too busy. I spent most of my time quilting and even then, I still haven't finished some of my pre-Xmas projects. I've also been working and writing since this past November and let me tell you I could use a vacation!

Things in the trophy shop are alright.. my boss went away again to someplace hot and I was dealing with the shenanigans of customer service again. Thankfully my coworkers are great *respect to the UT crew especially the after dark bunch* and we pulled through with minimal scrapes. If this week has taught me anything, it's that it really pays to be organized, and that you can't trust two things in the world of customer care: technology and customers. Our shop printer broke finally and had to be replaced at the end of the week, and we reached our 100mb storage space on the email- did you know that those still exist? If true.. certain companies (c****o) haven't come into the gigabyte age yet for email storage space. Incredible! The only bonus about technology this week is that I was able to click three times and a new printer was delivered to the shop and 10 clicks and a CD run set up later had it printing and behaving like a good lil' Brother should. Customers on the other hand aren't as easily fixable or replaceable. There's no point trusting them either.. it's like my boss says "nobody dies if  they don't get their trophy on time".  Why bother with setting a pick up date then? You're not go die? Why should I bend over backwards if they're not concerned?

Anyway.. it's been a long January and from the looks of it I'm gonna be hanging 'round the ol' scrap heap a little while longer.. seems no-one wants to hire an English major for a job that barely requires highschool. I need to find full time work though.. guess I just gotta keep trying. They've raised minimum wage were in ont. from 10.25 to $11 but it won't take effect til June. I'm hoping to find full time work for higher pay than that by then. *fingers crossed*

Well I guess that's all for now, Its time to sleep before my usual weekend insanity...

5 masses between now and 9pm Sunday night. Am praying I'll wake up without a voice tomorrow morning but I'm just not that lucky. 

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