Monday, July 30, 2012

Nothing like a Monday Morning...

Well this past month has just flown past me faster than a flock of seagulls at a left over picnic site.
Mmm maybe I'm not exactly sharp with my comparisons this morning... *note to self: be more awake before trying to be humorous*
     Anyway, this past Saturday- the 28th- was the day my entire family has been waiting, hoping, preparing and praying for the past 2 years.. my older sister's wedding day! She and her boyfriend of 12 years finally tied the knot at one of our home parishes in the presence of God, both sets of parents, all forms of relations and numerous amounts of friends.  Even my sisters personal fitness trainer was there.. it was certainly the most anticipated wedding of the year..even of the decade!!!
     My sister looked stunning in her ivory dress and the groom with his purple vest also caused quite the happy stir among the crowd.  In plum coloured satin, the bridesmaids led the bride to the altar and met the groomsmen who were decked out in true GR fashion- though there were a few mishaps in the menswear department, the groom- a salesmen for George Richards- managed to have everything fixed on time to have his "oomsmen" so so stylish. From the ring bearers pillow to the flower-girls matching pick-ups, the BP (bridal party) looked simply wonderful! We had beautiful weather and the ceremony went off without a hitch. I sang for the ceremony, with the responsorial psalm in Spanish and the rest of the mass parts and hymns in English or Italian.. not to ring my own bell *ding dong* I was pretty on vocally and rocked it out for my sis and new bro-in-law! *high fives self*
     At the wedding reception I was up and down and all around both during dinner and after but it was all worth the efforts just to see my sister so happy and enjoying the evening that she'd worked soo hard to plan.     
     From the first dance to the last everything was just magnificent. I danced up a storm with some of my cousins and got to chat with some others throughout the evening and that was really awesome. It was a nice intimate gathering as everyone knew everyone else in the room (pretty much) and were able to get to know the few non family members as well.  My sister and my brother-in-law said that they couldn't have been any more pleased with their wedding day.

*sigh* I just love a good wedding. Everyone cried, laughed, drank, danced like fools- you bet your boots we did the macarena!- and now two families have "officially" become joined :)

     So a big thanks to everyone who played a part in making their day special- the Bilich-Morales families send loads of gratitude to you all!

     The newlyweds left for their honeymoon in Florida this morning and couldn't be more happy or more in love!

Now my other sister and I are going to start clearing out our room and starting our much anticipated reno project!! We are going to tear down everything in the room, fill all the poster holes, repaint, change the flooring and put in the new IKEA furniture we got! Wooooooo! So look forward to seeing the before and after sometime soon!

Have a magnificent Monday!

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