Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh Sweet Satisfaction...

Ladies and Gentleman, It is with great sadness that I announce to you this end of one of my greatest accomplishments in life..

Yes, that's right, we have fought 5 long hard years through sleep less nights, stressful mornings, afternoons and evenings.. countless words read, written, e-mailed, spoken and billions of thoughts processed at lightning speed.  Finally we have reached our destination point and the journey is coming to a close.

At exactly 2pm I walked into to the last academic moment of my undergrad... and at 4:47pm I wrote the final word of the final sentence for the final essay of my final exam for all of my undergraduate degree.

At 5pm I was out in the delicious crisp air, staring up at the glorious sun and sending up a prayer of thanks.  Every second of every minute that has passes since that moment has put distance between my past and my current future.

Although it yet to be official (at least until June 11th 2012), I am now completed all of the work required in order for the degree of Bachelor of Arts to be conferred upon me.

The relief and joy I feel is astounding!  I had my doubts about even making it to the end of last semester let alone the end of the full year and I am so thankful that I saw it through.

While i'm going to miss the university life style, my friends and colleagues and the most inspiring people I will ever be taught by, I am happy to close another chapter on my life.

I'll be waiting anxiously on pins and needles until I receive my grade point average and I hope that I have made it over the last hurdle so that nothing will prevent me from being able to graduate.  As it stands, I am 100% in the clear for graduation and I am looking forward to that day with more excitement then I have ever felt.

Here's to the future and to whatever wonderful moments await me in life!

Thanks for putting up with all of my crazy essays, terrible pictures and lack of posting when things got crazy faithful blog readers.. Cheers!



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Anonymous said...

Congrats Cris!!!

All the trials and tribulations paid off and I knew you could do it and am very proud of your next step on the way to the top!

Hope your still keeping up with Jayden and the piano :)

-Dave from New Jersey USA

Cristina Bilich said...

Thanks Dave!! Im happy that you're still reading my blog :) Jadeyn is still alive and well ( or should I say, undead and well) ;) Did you happen to see that I recorded "The Climb", posted it on youtube and dedicated it you ???
<3 XOXO Cris